Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday Favourites 134..

Poppry Iris Budgies
001: Poppy Iris Budgie Print Dress, £148
Chie Mihara
002: Chie Mihara Avilo Sandals, £228.02
Another week, another wishlist full of reasons I wish I was allowed to spend. Bah. Here's what's got me tempted this week, anyhow.

001: The new Poppy prints are just winning me over. Total cuteness on this budgie print dress. I love the beautiful print, the collar and the waist tie. Now I just want to pair it with a cute pair of sandals and go for picnics on a sunny day. It's that kind of dress, I think.

002: These might just be the sandals to team it with. I love the mix of prints on this Chie Mihara pair, with the cute pink buckle detail and of course...the bow front. Yes, they're a little shorter than I'd usually go for, but I could live with that.

What's caught your eye this week?

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hello, Smartie Pants..

Coat: Oasis
Dress: Handmade (Sew Over It Betty) // Cardigan: F+F
Smartie Pants heels: Irregular Choice*
In a but of a rush yesterday morning, I just grabbed the first outfit I could put my hands on, but I actually quite like the way it turned out.

A first wear for my latest pair of Irregular Choice shoes [don't panic, I haven't broken the spending ban], teamed with my bird print Betty dress and an old favourite coat.

I'm really struggling to function today, which I'm putting down to a few weeks of rubbish sleep and too much to do. I'm really hoping that something gives soon and things get a little less stressful. At the moment it just seems to be one thing after another, piling up. Sadly it means I don't have a lot to say. At least the weekend is in sight.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

He's got a flour sack cape..

Dress: Handmade (Gather Kits Mortmain in Cath Kidston Townhouse fabric)
Cape: Handmade (NL6227)
Tights, Jumper + Mittens: F+F
Since it doesn't seem as though Spring is quite on it's way yet, I'm still embracing the layers. This outfit was actually one I wore a couple of weeks back, but have only just rediscovered the photos.

Tic Tac Toe sandals: Irregular Choice
Having seen some tags on Instagram lately, I'd been wondering about taking part in the Me Made March challenge, which seems to have come around so quickly. But, I've dismissed the idea of taking on the official challenge this year, as I don't really have time so it seems like unnecessary extra pressure. I also find that most days, I'll wear something which I've made as force of habit, so I don't think I need to embrace the challenge in order to encourage myself to wear more of my own clothes, which was one of the reasons I've done it in the past.

Beret: Vintage
This, for example, is a fairly typical outfit for me at the moment - handmade dress, layered with tights and a jumper, and my handmade cape. It was particularly cold so I added mittens and a beret which I've acquired from Mother and which is older than I am! 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday Titles 039 : Scarred for Life

Scarred For Life
Scarred for Life (Jessica Daniel) - Kerry Wilkinson
I love a good crime read and frankly, I'm going to dive right in and say that Scarred For Life is no exception to this. I'd been a little concerned that not having read any of the earlier books in this series would put me at a disadvantage, but this didn't seem to be the case.

DI Jessica Daniel is not having a good week. Her wallet's been nicked, the refurbished incident room is already falling apart, and a new football-mad constable is driving her crazy.
She also has bigger things on her mind. A student's body has been dumped in a wheelie bin at the back of a university building, with a vague link to an Olympic medallist and a theory that it could have been an induction which went wrong.
There's the tattooed shop raider who has her team stumped; someone attacking lone women; a chief inspector who seems to have a problem with her; and someone putting letters through her front door insisting that she's caught 'the wrong man'.
Worlds are colliding for Jessica - and, if she's not careful, someone close to her might not make it out in one piece.

Thrown right in at the start of the book, Jessica's caseload include a spate of pickpocket thefts, robberies and murders. Plus, it seems as though she is being isolated by the DCI, which is making it more difficult for her to investigate her cases. 

Luckily, it seems Jessica is a bit of a rebel and she doesn't let this hold her back too much. I didn't solve all of the cases before her, but liked the way the book seemed to wrap everything up rather nicely towards the end...before throwing a rather gigantic spanner into the works and making me wish the next book was out right now.

Monday, 2 March 2015

How sweet to be a cloud..

Dress and Jumper: swapped with Paige
Cinderella Necklace: Tatty Devine
Bag and Tights: ASOS*
Brogues: F+F*

I can't currently decide if it seems as though Spring is on the way or not, but decided to dress as though it was nonetheless. And then drove to work through a flurry of snow and realised I'd probably made the wrong decision. Such is life.

Whilst I'm still going with my spending ban, I've been finding plenty of different ways to add new things to my wardrobes and have taken part in a number of clothes swaps. Last week, Paige and I decided to swap a parcel of 5 unwanted wardrobe items so that we would each have something which was new to us to wear.

Two of the items Paige sent me were this cute white eyelash knit jumper, which I think it perfect for layering over dresses, and a lovely nautical print dress. I loved the idea of wearing them together, when I opened the parcel.

As soon as I saw the jumper, it reminded me of the cloud bag I received from my ASOS Secret Santa, and I added the tights I'd also been sent in that parcel. They are apparently winter white, but seem more of a mucky cream colour to me, when compared with the jumper.

Silver brogues and my silver mirror Tatty Devine carriage necklace were my final additions to the outfit.

Have you ever taken part in a clothes swap? I've been signing up to a few lately, as I love the idea of sending my unwanted items off to a loving new home. And, something new without breaking the spending ban is always a winner, in my book.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Round-Up..

On the swings at the local National Trust
Edward Scissorhands ballet 
Chicken and Sweetcorn muffins.
Bounce Below - Trampolines in a cave

Frankly, February seems like it's dragged by. But, looking back on it now, it seems as though I managed to cram rather a lot in.

I've been to the theatre a couple of times - most notably to see Jeeves and Wooster, which was fabulous. And to the ballet in Birmingham to watch Edward Scissorhands, which was also pretty magical.

Weekends at home have been filled with board games and woodland walks at the nearest National Trust property, where we saw the deer and tried out the swings. Weekends away from home have involved a superhero birthday party with some of my best friends and a trip to London.

I've managed to fit in some sewing time, and have been to visit various guiding units and events in my new PR role in order to take some photos and get our new website up and running with plenty of content. A new Trefoil Guild opened with a cream tea this week - annoyingly, having given up sugar for Lent, I couldn't partake but it looked yummy and it's great to see new units around.

I went to the coolest thing ever - a cave filled with trampolines. And I baked - a lot of cakes for this weekend's cake stall, but also tried out some chicken and sweetcorn muffins, which were marginally less weird than they sound.

What did you get up to in February?

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Who's that I see walking in these woods?

Dress: Handmade (Simplicity 2444)
Cape: River Island
Hamble Oak brogues: Clarks
Beret + Tights: Primark
I know that capes are probably a taboo subject this week, but this was one of my favourite outfits from the past week or so, so here it is. I think this outfit consists of a lot of my current wardrobe fall-backs.

I've worn this Little Red Riding Hood print dress quite a few times already, since I made it. I love the fact that the range of colours lend themselves to being matched with all kinds of colours. And obviously I couldn't resist teaming it with this cape.

I've been loving these brogues a lot lately as well. And thick coloured tights are always a winner whilst the weather threatens to turn snowy, again.