Monday, 26 January 2015

She's in a long black coat tonight, Waiting for me in the downpour outside..

Coat: Kate Spade
Dress: Handmade (Betty pattern in Goldfinch fabric)
Sandals: Emma Go // Tights: Primark
Clutch: Marks and Spencer
Another Monday morning where it feels as though the weekend has zipped by without a moment to catch my breath. I've been so busy lately that I just sort of let that busy-ness continue, which meant productivity. I spent time with friends, had a lovely meal out and did my usual gym classes, but also managed to get a good few things ticked off the to-do list.

So the rest of my weekend was filled with plenty of Spring Cleaning and I've finally started my wardrobe clearout; something I've been meaning to get on with for a while now. Yesterday afternoon I tackled the skirt section. I've cleared out quite a lot in a range of sizes and listed them here on my IG sale page, if you want to take a look (I'm more than happy to answer questions, consider offers and provide measurements and postage estimates). I'm sure that there will be more when I tackle the next shelf.

This outfit was one from Saturday evening but I had to try it on again in the morning in an attempt to get this coat to photgraph properly. I love a good texture and this Kate Spade coat is beautiful - the best way I can describe it is a sort of tinsel feel, so it's really sparkly up close. After visiting the Kate Spade store in Las Vegas, I was well and truly taken by a coat I'd tried on there, but couldn't find my size anywhere online. I found this one on eBay during the course of my search and was lucky to win it for the starting bid.

I'm not convinced it's winter coat material - the sleeves are bracelet length, which ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but I think it was about -2C on Saturday night so I was a little chilly. Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that I was wearing a summer dress and sandals. Duh.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Shoes 071..


This might not strictly count as a shoe post, as I've actually already featured these shoes. (And, as can be seen from the fact they still have their tags on, haven't actually worn them yet!)

But, it is a shoe accessory post, as I'm rather excited about these! When I opened this Christmas present from Kezzie, I hadn't realised that these elephant shoe clips were just that - I thought they were hair bows to begin with!

I think they're going to be absolutely perfect on these shoes, though. Thank you Kezzie!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Crosley Amplitone Headphones..


I know what you're thinking: "You're on a spending ban, why are you showing us something you've bought?" The reason would be that a new pair of headphones is one of the exceptions I allowed for when I was planning the spending ban. I've been looking for the perfect pair for a while and wanted to leave myself the opportunity to browse a little longer, rather than just panic-buying a pair before the ban began.

Crosley Amplitone Headphones, £21
Anyhow, after a little searching, I went for a pair of these Crosley Amplitone headphones in turquoise. I ordered from Juno Records, which I really can't fault, as they provided free shipping and my parcel arrived the very next day. 


Already, I absolutely love them. The matching cord is a cute touch and so far I'd say the sound quality is good. I'm only going to be using them with my iPod anyway (proper retro Classic, still going strong!) and they're a lot more comfortable to wear than those tiny in-ear ones. 

I'd definitely recommend these and Juno Records for their service, too. 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday Favourites 128..

001: Wolford Rice Dot Tights, £31
ASOS dinosaur tights
002: ASOS Dinosaur tights, £8
003: Pretty Polly Opaque Coloured Hold Ups, £33

This week it's been so cold that I'm all about the pretty hosiery. I seem to have amassed quite the collection of coloured opaque and patterned tights, but I also am finding that the tights curse is still upon me as I seem to only be able to get one or two days wear from a pair before I ladder them, which is quite annoying.

Here are the pairs I'd love to add to my collection (if money was no object and if I wasn't on a spending ban)..

001: I love polka dot tights, but these ones even more so because the dots are purple - so cute! I'd layer them with a pair of lace ankle socks and some brogues, I think.

002: I'm sure these need no explanation - dinosaurs!

003: I'm really loving hold ups, lately and fancy teaming these with some clashing heels, like in the photo.

Am I the only one suffering from this tights curse? Has anything caught your eye this week?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

She wants to dance like Uma Thurman..

Dress: Handmade (Sew Over It "Betty")


I know it's almost the end of January, but it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't yet shared my New Year's Eve outfit. I guess there's not a lot to say about it, really. I picked up the fabric in Goldhawk Road last summer, purely because it made me think of party dresses I'd had as a kid.

I made it into a Betty dress because I wanted the full circle skirt. A lot of people commented that it looks as though I've made it out of wrapping paper, and the fabric was a bit of a pain to work with - frays like a bugger! - but I rather liked the effect.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Smock Dress: H+M 
The shopping ban is going rather well at the moment. Potentially because I've not had a spare moment to browse online due to a busy work week, combined with the fact that I've avoided the shops at the weekend. Long may it continue. 

Coat: Vintage // Gloves, Boots, Tights: Primark
However, I'm certainly up for signing up to various things which are going to make my new no-spending regime a little easier, and one of those things is #FrockSwap15. The idea is fairly simple; Ally, Donna, Erica and I will find some not-so-loved items from our wardrobes, something which we find hard to style and therefore tend to overlook. We send them on to each other to style up and by the time they come back to us, we should have a newfound love for our items, or at least some new outfit ideas.


So, what to send on to them? Well, I have quite a few things in my wardrobes which I don't like quite as much as I thought I would. This is the dress I've chosen to send on to begin with, though. It's a smock dress from the H+M garden collection, which I think was actually passed on to me by Rosie. I LOVE the print. which is what prevents me from ever getting rid of it, but I'm just not so sold on the shape. Smock dresses just don't seem to flatter me and I'm always at a loss as to how to style them up.

Jumper: Oasap // Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
I basically cheated here by layering a jumper over the top of the dress, adding a huge (so big and heavy that my neck needs time to recover after wearing!) necklace, and a pair of thigh boots, to combat the snowy miserable weather. 

How would you style this smock dress up? I can't wait to see what the other girls choose to do with it.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday Titles 034: Etta and Otto and Russell and James..

Etta and Otto and Russell and James
Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper

I whizzed through this book in the past week, mostly because I knew it was going to be discussed on Open Book on Sunday. I finished it on Saturday morning, then promptly forgot to listen to the programme. Which is a good example of how my week has been going.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting book and I'd wanted to review it anyway, so here goes.

Etta, aged 82, leaves a note for her husband Otto to let him know she's gone for a walk. She plans to walk across Canada to the ocean, thousands of miles away. (So far, so 100 year old man.., which I found that a lot of the ideas reminded me of. I don't know that this worked in Hooper's favour as that was a book which I really struggled to enjoy.)

So, Otto is left on his own to cope with cooking for himself and to be honest, he takes it rather well. He doesn't seem to be concerned for Etta and just takes things in his stride. On the other hand, neighbouring farmer Russell wants to follow Etta, to track her down and bring her home.

Etta is joined on her journey by a coyote named James, who keeps her company and protects her. Or is perhaps a figment of her imagination. Here's where the lines between reality and imagination get seriously blurred, even if we'd been accepting everything thus far as real.

The book flicks between past and present, rewarding the reader with nuggets of information about Otto's childhood, growing up with a large farming family and Russell next door, being brought up by his aunt and uncle, who made himself almost part of the Vogel family.

Flashbacks to Etta teaching at the school, Otto going to war and Russell being left behind to comfort a heartbroken Etta, are interspersed with Etta's journey and Otto's life back home. How much of any of it is reality, the reader can't be sure.

The one thing which really irritated me was that the author writes without the need for speech marks, but if you can look past that, it's not a bad read.