Monday, 28 July 2014

Here be giants..


Photo from Alex

Yesterday, I navigated plenty of roadworks en route to Liverpool to try and catch sight of some giants in the city. I didn't manage to see the giants when they came to Liverpool in 2012 so I was really excited when I heard that The Giant Spectacular was coming back this year to commemorate the centenary of WW1.

As Sunday was the last day of the giants' tour, they were due to head back through the streets and to the Albert Dock, where they would get onto a boat and sail back to France. We followed the crowds and headed to the docks, trying to secure a decent space to see them on the boat as they left.

After a little while of waiting and listening to the various grumbles of The Grumpiest Man in the World, who happened to be standing behind us, we finally saw to boat head past us, with Grandmother and Little Girl Giant in their beds. I don't think you can really tell from my photo how huge these giants are, but Alex sent me the above photo of Little Girl Giant which she'd taken on Saturday, and which I think gives a better idea.

I really hope these giants come back again in the future as they were quite an amazing sight. I'd love to see them walking through the streets. I also made the most of being in Liverpool and met up with one of my best friends, who I've not seen in far too long!

Other highlights of the day included a whistle-stop tour of ALL of the cafes on Bold Street, all of which were super busy; finding some rather fabulous vintage pieces to add to the wardrobe, yummy ice lollies in the garden and buying far too much from the Monsoon sale.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Shoes 055: Irregular Choice Frog Princess


I suppose that with any collection, there are things which a collector may be more or less interested in, depending on their point of view or their likes / dislikes at the time. I think that sometimes, those initial biews can change. I know this is the case with me, anyway.

Often, with each new season of releases, I will have a look at the new Irregular Choice offerings and decide which of the new styles I really like and would therefore like to add to my collection. Frog Princess were released in the SS09 collection and at the time, due to the pointed front and the shorter-than-average heel, I sort of overlooked them.

Since then, however, my view of them had changed and they were one of those pairs which I decided I would like to get my hands on, after all. I was pretty lucky to find a pair in blue, which is probably my favourite of the colourways. I paid £12.50 for these on eBay and am totally thrilled with them.

These are in rather fab condition and I really like the fact that the colourful frogs seem to be wearing goggles and flippers. Awesome.

Now, if anyone sees the parrot boots from the same season in the pink....

Saturday, 26 July 2014

And now I fall in love with somebody everyday..

Dress: Handmade (New Look 6223 using 'Cocoland' fabric)
Necklace: George@Asda
Shoes: Irregular Choice

I was on a sewing roll on Sunday. I managed to get two dresses made before 2pm, when I headed out to tackle some weeds at the allotment. It was my first weekend home with "nothing" to do for a while. I am pretty hopeless when it comes to spending time relaxing, as I find it impossible to do nothing but I think that sewing worked as my relax time last weekend, and I was pleased with the dresses I made.

Almost every dress I've made lately has been with a gathered skirt. What can I say - I'm lazy and they're incredibly easy to do. But not this one. This Cocoland fabric, (which I bought from Frumble) was a little heavier than my usual cottons, so I wasn't sure how well it would gather, and therefore went with the regular skirt from NL6223. I lined it with some yellow gingham which I had left over from making the guides some neckers for one of our recent camps.

I really like the way the colours in this print give me so many matching options. I am starting to have to really think about what shoes I have left to wear in my #irregularchoicechallenge and when I realised I was yet to wear these yellow gingham heels, I thought this would be the perfect match. I also love the way the necklace goes with this fabric.

I hope I have time soon to use up some more of the fabric I've recently purchased - I seem to be stashing quite a lot at the moment and am telling myself no more fabric purchases until I've used it. Fat chance! I did take advantage of the Jaycotts promotion on zips the other day and order myself about 40, making sure I have the right colours for the fabrics I've been buying of late, so I hope they turn up soon. I find them the best price for zips of anywhere I've found anyway, so when they were offering 20% off all zips, it was a bit of a no-brainer.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Favourites 105..

ASOS Botanical Trench
001: ASOS Salon Botanical Print Coat, £75(with current promo)

CK Autumn Bloom Dress
002: Cath Kidston Autumn Bloom Dress, £70
Quiz Floral Chunky Heels
003: Quiz Floral Chunky Heel Sandals, £19.99
ASOS Embellished Clutch
004, ASOS Flower Embellished Clutch, £35
I seem to be all about the florals this week. All of the fabric I've been browsing has been floral print, which is unlike me. But these things have most definitely been bookmarked in my "buy these on payday!" folder.

001: I love coats. I love floral prints. So when I found this floral print trench coat, I fell head over heels for it. I so need a floral trench coat. Well, another floral trench coat. (Let's ignore this one and this one and this one). OK, OK, I probably don't need another floral trench coat at all. But isn't it pretty?!

002: I don't really want to think about Autumn just yet. I'm a bit of a Summer fangirl, truth be told. I'm very tempted by this new print from Cath Kidston, though and plan to add it to my CK collection just as soon as I next visit one of their stores. I also can't wait for the Townhouse print to come out, which I'm told is going to be the second drop of their AW14 collection.

003: These floral sandals caught my eye on Twitter this week. I love the fact that even though they have a lovely floral print on the platform, they're still quite understated (well, they are for me anyway). I'd wear these to work during the summer weather, for sure. I have to admit, I'd not visited the Quiz Clothing site before, but they seem to have some nice items.

004: I'm sure I don't need another floral clutch bag either, but this ASOS bag has a fairly large chance of becoming mine in the not-too-distant future. I really like the 3D embellishments about at the moment, and think this would work perfectly to spruce up just about any outfit. I hardly ever find time to go home and change before heading out in the evenings, so I love to take something like this bag and a different pair of heels to make me feel a little more dressed up at least.

What's caught your eye this week?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Jump for my love..


I couldn't resist this jumpsuit when I was in Primark last week. The combination of the floral print and the asymmetric zip detail had me tempted, although once I actually put it on, I'm not sure how flattering it is on me. I used to love jumpsuits, but now I'm not sure if I'm the right shape for them. Am I getting even more self-conscious as time goes on?

When the weather was a bit iffy on Saturday and I had to head into town to run some errands, I decided it would work with this pair of Irregular Choice boots, though. They were definitely puddle-proof, which was a good thing as we had plenty of heavy rain showers to contend with, although you wouldn't think it now.

What do you wear when you need something casual and functional?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sale bargains..


What have you been buying lately? Aside from fabric, and a new mixer for the kitchen, I've picked up a few bargains in the past week or so.

Obviously a trip to London would be incomplete without a trip to Oxford Street. I only had one thing in my sights, which was this Sophia Sequin Jacket from Monsoon. Luckily, the Monsoon sale began last Thursday and the Oxford Street store had the jacket in stock, as the website was sold out. I'm looking forward to finishing off just about all party outfits with this, as I think it's beautiful.

From Harrod's I picked up a new shopper bag, which I'm going to try hard to remember to take with me when I go grocery shopping in an attempt to use less plastic carrier bags. I have a couple of shopper bags now, so should be able to leave at least one in the car and one with my bike, which should cover just about any eventuality.

From New Look, this orange clutch bag to add to my growing collection of cutesy fruit bags. I already have an apple handbag and a watermelon clutch, but it's so cute.

We did pop into Primark, which was ludicrously busy. I found this gingham dress, which I've been keeping an eye out for since about March, reduced in the sale to £7. We also bought matching minion t-shirts, as we're just that cool.

I love this floral belt, as well. I'm planning to dress up some of my handmade dresses with this at the waistline, to add a bit of detail.

Then, on Saturday I went to drop off a couple of things at the charity shop in town, and came out with this vintage Laura Ashley dress - a steal at £9, in my opinion. I do find charity shop pricing can be so hit and miss. It's not easy to tell from the photo but the bodice has a lovely scalloped edge.


I picked up even more books to add to my to-read pile. The Casual Vacancy by Rowling. J.K. ( 2013 ) Paperback has been on my radar for a while now, but I've not read it yet and I've vaguely heard of The Vintage Teacup Club .

New underwear from M+S because I've recently had a clear-out to get rid of all the things which are now the wrong size, and when I was at the cafe on Saturday morning, they were giving out £5 vouchers for the lingerie section.

Have you found any good sale bargains lately?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tuesday Titles 020: Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer..

Nantucket Sisters
Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer

A much more enjoyable book this week. Nantucket Sisters follows the friendship of Maggie and Emily through the years. An unlikely pair; Emily is a typical rich-girl New-Yorker whose family spend their holidays in their palacial Nantucket beach house, and disapprove of her time spent with Maggie, whose family live on the island full-time and struggle to make ends meet.

The girls' friendship flourishes regardless and they grow up together during the summertimes they spend exploring, reading and beginning work on a novel. Whatever changes may occur during the rest of the year, they seem to come back and be able to pick things up wherever they left off, which I think is the sign of a true friendship.

As the girls get older and make that transition into young women, romance flourishes and inevitably causes some less happy moments. One man in particular puts a huge strain on Maggie and Emily's friendship, but the book follows both of their lives and I found myself willing them to come back to each other.

I don't want to say too much, other than I really enjoyed reading this, particularly in the recent sunshine, which probably enhanced my enjoyment. Nothing like reading a book set on an island, on the beach. Give it a try and escape into the Nantucket sunshine!